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Palazzo Rospigliosi - Giuseppe Vasi


Palazzo Rospigliosi - Giuseppe Vasi

Palazzo Rospigliosi. Beautiful etching of 1745-1765 . Measurement of only the 21.2 x 32.2 cm engraved . Depicts the Palazzo Pallavicini Rospigliosi the Quirinale in Rome , built on the ruins of the Baths of Constantine . In excellent condition , on laid paper without watermark . Engraved by Vasi Giuseppe. Painter, artist , architect, archeologist, etcher and engraver. Born in Corleone ( near Palermo) on August 28th, 1710, died in Roma on April 16th ,1782. He moved to Rome after an early period spent painting in his hometown and was a pupil of Sebastiano Conca, P. L. Ghezzi and of Juvara. He gained fame as a skillful engraver and worked for famous patrons like Ferdinando and Carlo III of Naples, and Benedetto XIV. He was proclaimed Knight and engraver of the court of Naples. His engravings are considered immortal. Some of his painting can be seen in Palazzo Farnese and Palazzo di Caprarola. Piranesi was one of his pupils.

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