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Siciliae Veteris Typus - Abraham Ortelius


Siciliae Veteris Typus - Abraham Ortelius

Siciliae Veteris Typus. Sought-after geographical map of 1595 with excellent watercolor coloring. Measurement of the plate 37.4 x 49.2 cm. The map describes the Sicily of Magna Graecia, extracted from Parergon, the historical atlas added as an appendix to Ortelius' "Theathrum". The print is decorated with cartouches and sea monsters. Above left, the detail of the port of Syracuse. In good condition except for some creases. Printed on laid paper without watermark. Engraved by Abraham Oretelius (also Ortels, Oertel, Orthellius, latinized as: Abrahamus Ortelius and italianized in Abramo Ortelio) (Antwerp, 14 April 1528 - Antwerp, 28 June 1598) was a Flemish cartographer. Ortelius was with Mercator the great founder of Flemish cartography.

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