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Trionfo di Galatea - Carlo Cesio


Trionfo di Galatea - Carlo Cesio

Triumph of Galatea. Copper engraving of 1657. Measurement of the engraved part 25 x 45.5 cm. Beautiful print representing the Triumph of Galatea. After a fresco by Annibale Carracci. Extracted from the work "Galeria in the Palazzo Farnese in Rome. Of the Sereniss. Duke of Parma etc. painted by Annibale Carracci carved by Carlo Cesio". Sample in good condition, printed on laid paper with watermark. Engraved by Carlo Cesio (Antrodoco 1626-Rieti 1686). He moved to Rome when he was still young and was grateful to Pietro da Cortona, who was his teacher. The fresco depicting the Judgment of Solomon in the gallery of Alexander VII in the Quirinal palace is the first remnant of Cesio, and the publication in the same year 1657 of the series of engravings entitled Gallery in the Palazzo Farnese in Rome ... painted by Hannibal Carracci, carved by Carlo Cesio, mark the beginning of an intense pictorial and engraving activity that made him highly esteemed among contemporaries.

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