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Veduta del Palazzo Farnese - Giovanni Battista Piranesi


Veduta del Palazzo Farnese - Giovanni Battista Piranesi

Veduta del Palazzo Farnese. Wonderful etching , engraving and drypoint . Measure of the engraved part 41.4 x 65.6 cm. View of the Farnese Palace near Campo de' Fiori in Rome. The print has a restoration on top left, otherwise in good condition, printed on laid paper without watermark. First state of three (Hind 107). Engraved in 1773 by Giovan Battista Piranesi . Draftsman, engraver and architect , born in Morano di Mestre October 4, 1720 , died in Rome on November 9th 1778. Someone has dubbed the " Rembrandt of architecture." This artist has not only reproduced the ancient ruins of the power of Rome , but it was also one of the most authoritative archeologists of his time . It ' was a student of Scalfarotto , of Giuseppe and Domenico Valeriani , was also a student of Bibiena . He worked as a teacher and had Giuseppe Vasi with whom he had a very conflicted relationship , it seems that he wanted to kill him because of envy that the jars held him in , for example, not sufficiently taught him the secrets of etching . It is believed to have worked on the painting with Tiepolo . His first work was " Le Roman Antiquities " which was followed by numerous works . He has recorded some 2,000 branches , almost all large . Despite a great reputation and a great reputation not enriched never for very low prices of his works . He was a member of the Order of Christ and of the Society of Antiquaries of London.

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