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Veduta del Porto di Ripa Grande - Giovanni Battista Piranesi


Veduta del Porto di Ripa Grande - Giovanni Battista Piranesi

Veduta del Porto di Ripa Grande. Etching, engraving and drypoint of 1753. Measurement of the engraved part 40.5 x 62 cm. Rare first condition of this beautiful view published by Bouchard and Gravier (with address at the bottom right "Si vendono in Roma dai SS.ri Bouchard e Gravier mercanti librai al Corso presso S. Marcello"). The substantial difference between the first two states and the next four, lies in the fact that the barge loaded with wood in the middle of the Tiber, is completely erased from the third state onwards. In the second state, Piranesi becomes a publisher of himself, deleting the address of Bouchard and Gravier and adding his own. This magnificent example in the first condition, is in good condition, printed on laid paper with double circle watermark and lily surmounted by the letter B (Hind 27 I / VI). Engraved by Giovanni Battista Piranesi. Draftsman, engraver and architect, born in Morano di Mestre on October 4, 1720, died in Rome on November 9, 1778. Someone has nicknamed him the "Rembrandt of architecture". This artist has not only reproduced the ancient vestiges of the power of Rome, but he was also one of the most authoritative archaeologists of his time. He was a pupil of Scalfarotto, of the brothers Giuseppe and Domenico Valeriani, he was also a pupil of Bibiena. He worked and had as a teacher Giuseppe Vasi with whom he had a very conflictual relationship. It is believed that he also worked on painting with Tiepolo. His first work was "The Roman Antiquities" which were followed by numerous works. It has recorded about 2000 branches, almost all of them large. He was a member of the Order of Christ and of the London Antiques Society

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