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Tabula Europae VI - Giovanni Antonio Magini


Tabula Europae VI - Giovanni Antonio Magini

Tabula Europae VI. Copper engraving of 1596. Measurement of the entire page 30 x 21 cm; measure of only the map cm 12.6 x 17.2. Ptolemaic map of Italy, extracted from the "Geografia, cioè descrittione universale della Terra" by Claudius Ptolemy. Exemplary in good condition, printed on laid paper. Published in Padua by Giovanni Antonio Magini. (Padua, 13 June 1555 - Bologna, 11 February 1617) was an Italian astronomer, cartographer and mathematician. In 1588, after the death of Ignazio Danti, it was preferred to Galileo to occupy the chair of mathematics at the University of Bologna. It was in correspondence with Tycho Brahe, Clavius, Abraham Ortelius, and Johannes Kepler. His letters were published in 1886 by Antonio Favaro. His maps of the Italian areas were used as the basis for the cartographic production of Jodocus Hondius and Joan Blaeu. In his honor a lunar crater was given the name of Maginus.

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