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Italia - Theodor De Bry


Italia - Theodor De Bry

Italy. Map engraved in copper of 1596. Measurement of the engraved part 43 x 34 cm. Rare map of Italy based on the Mercator projection. Present in several works, including the "Romanae Urbis Topographiae & Antiquitatum ..." by Boissard. The map is rich in decorative elements: vessels, sea monsters and a compass to highlight the scale in miles. The print is in good condition, printed on laid paper. Engraved by Theodor De Bry (Liege, 1528 - Frankfurt am Main, March 27, 1598) was a Belgian publisher, goldsmith and typographer who worked in Germany. His first teacher was probably his father, the goldsmith Thiry de Bry "the young". The statement that he fled to Strasbourg for religious reasons after being banned from the city and condemned to the confiscation of property for having joined the Protestant Reformation did not appear to be true: it was established in Strasbourg as early as 1560, before this announcement . He stayed in London between 1587 and 1588, before finally settling in Frankfurt on the Main of which he asked for citizenship. He died in Frankfurt on March 27, 1598, at the age of seventy. The publishing business was continued by his son-in-law Matthäus Merian, who also completed the editions of Grandi Viaggi and Piccoli Viaggi, which had been interrupted by Johann Theodor de Bry in 1590.

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