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Portrait of Albrecht Durer - Erhard Schoen


Portrait of Albrecht Durer - Erhard Schoen

Portrait of Albrecht Durer. Woodcut of 1528. Measurement of the engraved part 29.6 x 25.5 cm. Rare woodcut of 1528, after Matthes Gebel, who coined the commemorative coin from 1527. This print has been reproduced many times over the centuries, but this exemplary is the first state. On the reverse there is a LUGT 4830 collector's stamp. The print is in good condition, trimmed at the edge of the illustration and glued onto a passepartout. Engraved by Erhard Schoen (1491-1542) was a German woodcut designer and painter. Schön was born in Nuremberg as the son of painter Max Schön III. He probably started to learn his trade as an artist in the workshop of his father. He was clearly influenced by the printmaking of Albrecht Dürer and may have contributed a few woodcuts to Dürer's Triumphal Arch (1515) and Theuerdank (1517). Especially Schön's way of modelling and placing figures is clearly derived from Dürer. After the death of Dürer, Schön also produced a woodcut portrait of the artist: this print

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