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Veduta di Piazza di Spagna - Giovan Battista Piranesi


Veduta di Piazza di Spagna - Giovan Battista Piranesi

View of the Spanish Steps. Beautiful copper engraving of 1750. Measurement of the plate 41.2 cm x 61. It represents the Spanish Steps in Rome with the Four Rivers and the steps of Trinita de 'Monti. This is one of the early works by Piranesi, he was only 30 years old when the engraved. He finished the collection of views of Rome just 24 years later. The print is in good condition. Printed on laid paper with watermark double circle and lily. Exemplary in the fourth state of eight (Hind 18), Roman edition. Giovanni-Battista Piranesi. Draftsman, printmaker and architect, born in Morano di Mestre October 4, 1720, died in Rome on November 9th 1778. Someone has dubbed the "Rembrandt of architecture." This artist has not only reproduced the ancient ruins of the power of Rome, but it was also one of the most authoritative archeologists of his time. It 'was a student of Scalfarotto, of Giuseppe and Domenico Valeriani, was also a student of Bibiena. He worked as a teacher and had Giuseppe Vasi with whom he had a very conflicted relationship, it seems that he wanted to kill him because of envy that the jars held him in, for example, not sufficiently taught him the secrets of etching. It is believed to have worked on the painting with Tiepolo. His first work was "Le Roman Antiquities" which was followed by numerous works. He has recorded some 2,000 branches, almost all large. Despite a great reputation and a great reputation not enriched never for very low prices of his works. He was a member of the Order of Christ and of the Society of Antiquaries of London.

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