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Cloelia attraversa il Tevere - Giulio Bonasone


Cloelia attraversa il Tevere - Giulio Bonasone

Cloelia crossing the Tiber. Burin of 1546. Measurement of the engraved part 29.2 cm x 41.8. The scene shows Clelia crossing the Tiber, legend has it that Clelia, with nine other girls, she was given to Porsenna by the Romans to make a covenant of peace between them and the Etruscans. Clelia encouraged her friends to escape from the camp Etruscan cross the Tiber River to swim. In doing so, Clelia remained on the riverbanks to watch the fleeing girls. A sentry of Porsenna (or he himself) found the girl and handed it to Porsenna that freed entranced by his courage. Exemplary in the second state of two, with the signing of the publisher. The subject may be copied by Polidoro da Caravaggio. The print is cropped at the edge of the illustration, a small tear on the lower edge near the signature, otherwise in good condition. Printed on laid paper with watermark. Engraved by Giulio Bonasone, it was an Italian painter and engraver, active in Bologna and Rome from 1531 to 1574. Trained example of Marcantonio Raimondi, combining engraving and etching was able to redeem the softness of his figures, inspired by Parmigianino in the strangeness of inventions

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