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Diverse figure e paesi - Stefano Della Bella


Diverse figure e paesi - Stefano Della Bella

Diverse figure e paesi. Copper engraving of 1649. Measuring 10 x 16.2 cm engraved part. The print has two stains, usal stamp on top right, glued on cardboard, printed on laid paper. Extracted from the series of tables "Diverse figure e paesi" by Stefano della Bella. (1610-1664). Born into a family of painters, sculptors and goldsmiths goes right to the school of Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione (Grechetto) and diGasparo Mola, then directing his attention to drawing and engraving. Soon he began to draw figures and copy the etchings of Jacques Callot. He will then travel to Paris where he will work for Cardinal Richelieu. In 1646 he traveled to Holland, the home of Rembrandt, he collected recordings. In 1650 he returned to Florence under the patronage of the Medici, where he died in 1664. He has recorded more than a thousand branches. Published by Israel Henriet. (De Vesme 167)

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