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Virgin of grapes - Alexander Voet II - Rubens


Virgin of grapes - Alexander Voet II - Rubens

Virgin of grapes. Beautiful and rare copper engraving of 1660. Measurement of the engraved part 37 x 28 cm. Show the Virgin with the Child Jesus who offers a fruit, an angel carrying a basket of fruit, the other angel holds out a bunch of grapes to the Child. In earth various fruits. The caption at the bottom reads "SVB VMBRA ILLIVS QVEM DESIDERAVERAM SEDI ET FRVCTVS EIVS DVLCIS GVTTVRI MEO". The print has been cut and then restored at the bottom, the inscription was partially rebuilt, lack the lower left corner, restored. Trimmed to the edge of the illustration, margins reconstructed. A small tear restored right. Printed on laid paper with watermark. Engraved by Alexander Voet II (after Rubens), son of Alexander Voet I, engraver active in Antwerp, Ghent and Rome. He was a member of the 'Accademia di San Luca.

€ 700.00

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