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Ripa Grande - Alessandro Specchi


Ripa Grande - Alessandro Specchi

Aedificium in ripa Tiberis ab Innocentio XII aedificatum pro alendis pueris egenis. Beautiful and rare copperplate engraving of 1699. Measurement of the plate 23.3 cm x 36. It comes from the opera "Numismata Pontificum Romanorum quae à tempore Martini V. usque ad annum M.DC.XCIX" published by Buonanni Filippo. Shows a view of the port of Ripa Grande, with the Customs and the Hospice of San Michele a Ripa. The print is in good condition, wide margins editorial, printed on laid paper with watermark. Engraved by Alessandro Specchi. Rome 1668 - Rome 1729. Engraver etching, graver and architect. He has recorded a series of prints of the most beautiful and famous palaces of Rome. These tables were published in 1699 by Domenico De Rossi.

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