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Italy - Pieter van den Keere - Janssonius


Italy - Pieter van den Keere - Janssonius

Italiae veteris specimen. Beautiful and rare copperplate in 1661 with fine coloring in watercolor. Measurement of 15.5 x 20.2 cm part engraved. Represents the map of Italy with the old boundaries of Gaul, of Tuscia, with Corsica and part of Sardinia and Sicily. The print is in good condition, traces of the fold of the book, printed on laid paper with watermark indistinguishable. Signed in the plate from Kaerius. Published posthumously by Jan Janssonius and engraved by Pieter van den Keere (Kaerius) (Ghent, 1571 - Ghent, 1646), son of the typographer Hendric van der Keere, engraved maps and atlases published as editor in 1609. His maps were also printed by Jan Janssonius.

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