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Puppets - Bartolomeo Pinelli


Puppets - Bartolomeo Pinelli

Puppets. Etching of 1830. Measurement of the plate 32 x 43.5 cm. Depicts the cottage puppet in Rome, placed next to a grocer who exposes a sign saying "Vinegar Forte". The engravings of Pinelli fail to deliver the careful observer, in a world now gone, but retains its charm in these prints that document, beyond words, a piece of common history, so dear to the Romans. Original in excellent condition. Published in 1831 by the Calcografia Camerale, engraved by Bartolomeo Pinelli. Painter, draftsman, printmaker and modeler. Born in Rome November 20, 1781, died in Rome on April 1st 1835. He began his studies at the Academy of St. Luke and keeps them in Bologna where he became famous quickly. Return to Rome and starts to produce a significant amount of drawings and prints. Provides illustrations for the works of Virgil, Dante, Tasso, Cervantes and 'Aretino. In 1809 he published the first "Collection of colorful costumes" consists of 50 tables which was followed by other collections always on the customs of Rome and many other works. Pinelli for his work can be considered: "the painter of the Roman people."

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