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The Swing - after Boucher


The Swing - after Boucher

The swing. Delicious copperplate 1740 approximately. Measurement of the plate 23 x 26.5 cm. Is the game of the swing with cherubs in Arcadian landscape. In good condition, small restoration lower left corner. On laid paper without watermark. Engraved by Huquier after Francois Boucher (Paris, September 29, 1703 - Paris, May 30, 1770) was a French painter. In 1721 joined the studio of François Lemoyne (1688-1737), who had obtained the prestigious post of "first painter to the king," enjoying the best commission of Louis XIV and the French court; here is a few months, having absorbed quickly style exemplified by the Venetian school. In 1723 he won the Prix de Rome, but stays in the Italian capital until four years later, where he was impressed especially by Correggio, Veronese, Guercino and Tiepolo.

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