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Allodola Mattolina Bianca - Saverio Manetti


Allodola Mattolina Bianca - Saverio Manetti

Allodola Mattolina Bianca. Beautiful etching of 1771 with excellent coloring vintage . Measurement of 34.7 x 27.5 cm part engraved . The print is in excellent condition , on laid paper . Printed by Saverio Manetti (1723 - 1785) was a physician and botanist Florentine . With considerable organizational effort , oversaw the publication of the Natural History of Birds , a monumental catalog in five volumes illustrated with 600 engravings watercolor the abbot Lorenzo Lorenzi and Violante Vanni who resumed the images in the collection of the Marquis Giovanni Gerini . The work engaged Manetti for almost a decade, especially in the search for lenders that were recognized in numerous dedications of the boards .

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