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Map of Rome - J.B. Homann


Map of Rome - J.B. Homann

Map of Rome . Copper engraving from 1720 ca. coeval coloring . Measurement of the plate 50 cm x 58. It is the map of Rome as it was at the beginning of the eighteenth century , two beautiful scrolls up and captions side . In good condition , on laid paper . Engraved by John . Baptist Homann . 1663 - 1724. Engraver and cartographer born in Nuremberg he worked for Sadrart and for others, and in 1702 founded a new intaglio . From 1707 ( the first atlas with 40 maps ) to 1724 , the year of his death , he published nearly 200 papers . He had great influence on cartography for the accuracy and beauty of his cards .


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