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La lanterna magica - Bartolomeo Pinelli


La lanterna magica - Bartolomeo Pinelli

The magic lantern . Beautiful etching of 1809. It represents an ancient image projection , similar to slides , typical 800 in Rome . Measurement of the plate 21.5 cm x 31. In good condition. Engraved and published by Bartolomeo Pinelli . Painter, draftsman , printmaker and modeler . Born in Rome November 20, 1781 , died in Rome on April 1st 1835. He began his studies at the Academy of St. Luke and keeps them in Bologna where he became famous quickly . Return to Rome and starts to produce a significant amount of drawings and prints . Provides illustrations for the works of Virgil , Dante , Tasso , Cervantes and ' Aretino . In 1809 he published the first " Collection of colorful costumes " consists of 50 tables which was followed by other collections always on the customs of Rome and many other works . Pinelli for his work can be considered : " the painter of the Roman people ."

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